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Kynexions created the Yellowstone Strengths Academy as a community education partnership to enhance overall wellbeing through education, communication, research, sharing and self-assessment programs. 

Specialized instruction designed by a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach is coupled with strategies, motivational techniques, mentorships, tutoring and practical experience to help workers gain stronger insights into their natural talents while sharpening their communication, interpersonal, technical and professional skills.

This ambitious, privately-led, publicly endorsed educational program is intended to inspire students by building confidence and competence as a foundation for setting and achieving educational and career goals. Individuals, foundations, organizations, nonprofits and the public sector have united with Kynexions to financially & professionally support this community-focused effort to strengthen personal and career wellbeing.

Bring this innovative, strengths-based career development to your community! Our program can be offered in your school, nonprofit or youth organization. Contact us to learn how you can lead these efforts in your community.

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